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Hearthstone has officially been added as a division! Looking for Div Leads and Officers soon! - GunZ 2 launches on Monday! Be sure to sign the division application!

GunZ 2 is now available on Steam! We'll be getting the clan up ingame in the hopes of making it an official division of Apex Multi Gaming. We only need 10 more people to sign the petition!: http://apexmultigaming.enjin.com/forum/m/18671113/viewthread/10840831-division-application-gunz-2-second-duel

Hearthstone division now live!

Valor aLeader posted Feb 13, 14  -  hearthstone

The first division to open under the new requirements of a 15 member pledge minimum, I'm happy to announce that Hearthstone is now an official division for Apex. For now, members listing Hearthstone as a Main or Secondary will have it listed as just Hearthstone, with server specification coming later. They will also share a forum section, with each server getting its own Division Leader, Officers, and announcement section on the forum. You can also find Hearthstone's own section on the forum now.

We will now start looking actively for people to fill in the Division Leader and Officer positions, so if that's something you're interested in, please speak up. Do note that forum activity is one big requirement.

For now, we'll continue recruiting people with the hopes that the division thrives. Expect to see some giveaways and contests for Hearthstone coming real soon! 

We currently support the Americas/SEA server and EU.

Americas/SEA battletags: http://apexmultigaming.enjin.com/forum/m/18671113/viewthread/11078006-hearthstone-americassouth-east-asia-battletags/page/1

The popular card game Hearthstone along with shooters Loadout and Gunz2 are looking into becoming official divisions of Apex once they can gather 15 pledges/signatures each. All 3 of these games are using the new division rules of gathering a minimum of 15 members before getting their own section to help combat the emptiness of some of out other divisions that didn't go through the same process.

Hearthstone has no clan system (yet) but is a great game and a lot of the pledges are quite active and willing to use the forum as the base of communication. We'll also be looking forward to hosting tournaments and card pack giveaways. LoadOut's clan system is being worked on by devs, but members wanting to group up before then should join up! GunZ2 has a div lead and will launch with a clan system, so look forward to that. 

We will be looking to fill leadership positions for the divisions that do go live. Hearthstone and Loadout both need a division lead and officers while Gunz2 will be looking for potential officers. Anyone interested should contact me (please note active forum participation is required of those in these positions. Not doing so may get your rank removed.

To sign up...

Help bring Loadout to Apex!

Valor aLeader posted Jan 27, 14

LoadOut is a third person shooter that allows you customize any aspect of your gun. From the barrel to the type of bullets (fire, electricity, even healing bullets!). If you need a main or secondary game, or if you're just going to be playing as unlisted, please help pledge: http://apexmultigaming.enjin.com/forum/m/18671113/viewthread/10706054-division-application-loadout

Everyone please welcome lovandacupcake (In game name: Cupcakes) as our new Aura Kingdom division lead. After some discussion and getting to know her, we believe she'll make a great addition to our community (you may have already seen her around on the forums). A huge thanks to our division developer Shirousagi (ingame: Hema) for holding guild lead up until now and for all his hard work. He will be staying on to help out.

With that said, we will now officially have Aura Kingdom listed for Main and secondary tags, so if you want to add AK as either a main or secondary, please say so!
shadowslayer695 Gratz cupcake! time to get to business >.< ...
Cha Officer Gratz cupcake!!!!!!!!!!
Shirousagi DivDev haha, thanks for all the praise >.< Hope we get more AK members to join the forums! ...
back after a long time :P
They're hiding from you, Llama D:
The moment I stop checking and people rise from the grave, lmao. Well I for one have no qualms with helping get things started back up again!
Hey, just been trying out some games, playing some onigiri online right now haha
hey yall whats going on
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